Eat On Budget: Luxurious Restaurants To Eat In Ghana Under Ghc300

Here are some of the most expensive restaurants in Ghana you can eat at with a budget of not more than GHC300.
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Luxury has become a term used to define something in a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when it involves having to spend quite a remarkable amount of wealth. People who usually partake in luxurious activities are regarded as rich or very well-to-do. Oftentimes, these people are royals, dignitaries or high-profiled people. Until the end of 18th Century, sitting down in public places, specifically for a meal, with a waiter and a fixed menu – which is now termed as a restaurant – did not exist. In 1765, a French chef called Boulanger established a business where he sold soups and other ‘restoratives’ (restaurants). However, the first real restaurant was recorded to have been founded in Paris, and was called “La Grande Tavern de Londres,” by Antoine Beauvilliers somewhere between 1782 – 1786. According to sources, Beauvillier did well to combine all four  prerequisite of a proper restaurant, that is; an elegant room, smart waiters, a choice cellar, and a superior cooking. By the year 1802, restaurants were popularly known  businesses where restorative foods such as bouillon, a meat broth and more, were served – which was originally known as ‘establissement de restaurateur.’

Food is one of the most important things that makes one culture distinctive from the other. Therefore, people take pride in preparing what their countries or tribes are best known for. However, because of civilization which has led to globalization, there has been an influx of diverse cultures penetrating other cultures. Food, being one of the most important elements of culture has easily crept its way into several cultures and even replaced original cuisines.

Foreign cuisines are often costly than the local ones because of its rareness or lack of adequate foodstuff and appropriate chefs to prepare. Therefore, restaurants tend to shoot the prices of most foreign cuisines than the local ones. Nevertheless, this should not stop one from enjoying sumptuous foods on a reasonable budget. The mentality that expensive restaurants are only meant for those with heavy pockets is a myth. With proper planning and timing, anyone at all can at least, once in their lives, enjoy a delicious meal at any luxurious restaurant of their choice.

Here are some of the most expensive restaurants in Ghana you can eat at with a budget of not more than GHC300.


Formerly known as II Cavaliere Pazzo, ‘Polo Club Restaurant and Lounge’ is situated in one of the most reputable areas in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The restaurants overlooks Ghana’s popular polo club field, Accra Polo Club.

With a budget between GHC117 – GHC292, you can get Italian dishes like Antipasti, Insalate, Risotti, Le Paste, Piattu Principale and more, to eat till your teeth accuses you of neglect.

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The Santoku restaurant is located at North Airport Road, Accra and it’s known to have one of the most contemporary and sophisticated Japanese meals in the whole of West Africa. It offers a delight of world-class Asian Fusion cuisine in a very comfortable environment in the heart of Accra.

According to sources, the prestigious team who worked on top places like the Nobu restaurants in London and Dubai are the same team who worked with Santoku. Meaning ‘Innovation and experimentation,’ Santoku serves wide range of Japanese meals from Otsumami snacks to Zensai meals.

Food prices at Santoku will make you wonder if truly you are at the ‘expensive’ restaurant you heard a lot of noise about. With just GHC300, you can get a full Pork Belly meal which costs  GHC130, with Egg and Vegetable Fried rice selling at an amount of GHC35 and Nigri Sashimi made up of three pieces of US Octopus for just GHC35 cedis. These will all amount to GHC200, which will give you GHC100 balance to spare on transportation to-and-fro.

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Located at Airport Residential in Accra, La Chaumiere is a sophisticated French-Mediterranean restaurant that has been in Ghana for 28 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Ghana.

Largely focused on French dishes, La Chaumiere has an iota of North African influence and put in quite a remarkable  effort to give in their all. It serves lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday but serves only dinner on Saturdays. Main dishes like ‘oignons rouges-gingembre & riz savage’ (Sesame crusted steak red onions & ginger sauce, wild rice) costs just GHC120, same as ‘Magret de canard sauce aux bleuets & vin rouge’ (Roasted duck breast with blackberries and red wine sauce) and ‘Ráble de lapin en cassoulet’ (Cassoulet of rabbit loin).

Starters have very flexible prices, with Salad de Quinoa, poivrons rótis à lial, feta menthe fraiche & coriander (Quinoa salad with garlic roasted capsicum feta cheese, fresh mint & coriander) going for GHC55. Grand total making GHC175.


Situated at Dzorwulu, Vixie’s Delicacies has a combination of Lebanese and Continental dishes at their reputable restaurants which serves all kinds of people in Ghana. It is known to be the best homemade Lebanese cuisine with a homely environment. The restaurant is also known for having one of the most popular chefs in Ghana called, Vicky Menye Toura whose works speak for themselves.

However, the good way one can ensure a timely delivery is when they book reservations ahead of time to prevent any delay. Main dishes like Prawns Provencal (Prawns cooked in tomato sauce), Prawns in Garlic Butter (Prawns cooked in Garlic & Butter) and Penne with Curried Prawns (Penne, Curried Fresh Cream Sauce), each costs GHC130. Chicken Wings (Marinated in Garlic, Colander & Lemon), Kebbeh Bi Shahme (Grilled Kebbeh Stuffed with Minced Crumb with Minced Meat filling) each costs less than GHC70.

This article therefore seeks to melt down the fear of visiting expensive restaurants because you are afraid your pocket will bail on you. Explore luxurious places once or more in your lifetime, the world welcomes you just once.



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