The Ultimate Beach Guide: Exploring Five Amazing Beaches In Ghana

Here are five selected amazing beaches in Ghana that are blessed with beautiful trees, clean water and several attractive sites.
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Humans’ existence are largely dependent on water. Study shows that, over 70% of the planet’s oxygen is produced by the ocean. Therefore, a beach, which consists of sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean contributes gravely to humans’ existence. The beach is highly beneficial to mankind; it helps get rid of stress,  mainly because it soaks up tons of vitamin D and serves as an avenue for diverse forms of exercises. It is considered as one of the most comforting places to be on the planet.

Ghana as a country can boast of having beautiful beaches with different types of sand and rocks which links to the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s coastlines covers a vast length of 560 kilometers, right from Aflao in the Volta Region, through to Cape Three Point which can be located in the Western part of Ghana.

Here are five selected amazing beaches in Ghana that are blessed with beautiful trees, clean water and several attractive sites.


Located at Ada Foah in the Volta Region of Ghana, Cocoloco Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in country, and it’s a two-hour drive from the capital city.  The beach is located at an area where the Volta river meets the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s surrounded by thickets of coconut trees. Cocoloco beach is popular for its prolific nature of building traditional style of camping spots and bungalows. It is also known for being a safe haven for different species of birds. It is an ideal place for tourists to explore the traditional culture in the region; which includes learning how to drum and dance. In view of that, locals made themselves available to guide visitors on tour and help them to learn new things.

The beach records quite a remarkable number of tourists annually who visit for the purpose of relaxation, swimming, observation of sea animals, and more. Other activities include surfing, playing volleyball or football and cruising. Tourists who visit there from November to December have the luxury of witnessing how turtles migrate to lay eggs. However, it is advised that, the best time to visit there is during summer and winter. Cocoloco beach has a 4.6/5 ratings according to reviews.


Busua is a beach located at the Ahanta West District of the Western Region in Ghana and it houses a resort and a fishing village. It covers about 30 kilometers of the regional capital, Sekondi-Takoradi, and rests at the Gulf of Guinea. The fishing village is popular for blue marlin and tuna fishery. Busua, since the 1960s, has a reputation of being a very satisfying area for wealthy locals from Sekondi-Takoradi, and also some European tourists. However, the area does not have full access to electricity, but several lodges, bungalows and real estate give tourists the luxury to enjoy their stay there. It takes 25 minutes to reach the fishing village from the beach on foot.

When it comes to accommodation at the Busia Beach, the best  recommended place is the ‘Busia Beach resort.’ Voted the best Leisure Hotel in West Africa (Akwaaba Leisure Awards 2017), Busua Beach Resort settles between Côte d’Ivoire’s capital city, Abidjan and Ghana’s capital city, Accra.  It has facilities such as, a fitness center with gym/workout room, bar/lounge, playing ground for children, and many more. The locals are also considered friendly and available to help tourists explore. However, tourists are advised to prep themselves for quite a long journey to get there as it takes five and half hours to get there from the capital city of Ghana. It has a 4.1/5 ratings according to tourists review.


When considering a relaxing, clean and uncrowded palm lined beach to enjoy your holiday in Ghana, one of the best places to consider is the Ankroba Beach. It is a 6-kilometer-long dream beach located near the coastal village of Axim, in the Western part of Ghana, a couple hours west of Takoradi. The beach is surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, in a lovingly structured and cozy atmosphere.

However, it’s somewhat difficult to get there, considering the fact that there is retard in development in the area, therefore, resulting to bad roads which makes journeying there quite stressful. Reviews by tourists express that, the nature of the road should not keep people from visiting the beach as it is one of the best places to visit for relaxation. One also has to pay an amount of money to be allowed to the beach. The beach hosts weddings, commercial events, birthdays, workshops, etc. It also takes tourists on tour at the great Ankora River, the Fort Apollonia Museum, sea turtles observation, as well as surfing.  Ankora Beach is a 5-hour drive from Accra, Ghana’s capital city, and has a 4.0/5 ratings


An hour and half drive will get you from Takoradi, the capital city of the Western Region of Ghana to Akwidaa. It’s very easy to get there by a commercial vehicle, either by a cab (taxi) or a bus (tro-tro), however, you have to be prepared for a rough journey since majority of the roads are underdeveloped, and half-washed during rainy seasons. If you are a lover of surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, sun-bathing and mountain biking, Akwidaa beach is the best place to be. Other activities include beach football with the locals, fresh seafood hunting, fisherman boats riding, and more.

However, it is advised that, visitors take enough cash during their visit because the nearest ATM is in Agona, almost 5 hours’ drive from Akwidaa. Also, visitors are

cautioned not to carry valuables when walking alone. In regards to accommodation, the beach can boast of three lodges which serve its visitors; the Safari Beach Lodge, Akwidaa Inn and Ezile Bay Ecolodge.


Appearing last on the list is the Laboma Beach. Mainly known for hosting events, it is one of the most popular beaches Ghana’s capital city, Accra. Laboma beach is in the same as Labadi Beach Resort. An amount of almost $2 (GHC10) is charged as gate fee before one will be permitted to enter the premise. Visitors are allowed to take food and drinks there as well. However, you will not be served by vendors and employees at the beach if you are not buying from them. Sadly, Laboma beach is not the place one should visit if they want to experience a clean and quiet beach. It is considered as unkempt.

But it can boast of being the home for hosting spectacular events. In 2019, Afro Nation, arguably the biggest urban music beach festival in Europe returned to Africa in December, where it hosted Ghana’s edition at Laboma Beach. Beach parties, hangouts, etc., are often hosted there as well. Horse riding, beach soccer and volleyball are some of the popular activities performed at the beach. There are several hotels that are closer to the beach which can accommodate tourists from afar, some of these hotels are; Mahogany Lodge& Annex, Cocktail and Dreams Hotel, Alisa Hotel (Labone), PMJ Apartments, etc.  It has 4.1/5 ratings according to reviews by tourists.

Visiting the beach is a highly recommended activity advised by health specialists. With some of its benefits like clearing mental clutter, having several workout options, and more at your disposal, the beach is surely one of the best places to be when one is stressed or tired.



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